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Getting started with Lively Home.

Simply plug the hub into a power outlet and it sets up automatically. Place activity sensors around the home, activate the account online and start wearing the watch. No Internet connection or phone line is required. It’s that simple.

The Sensors

Sensors are placed on objects used regularly around the home to monitor daily activity.

wireless signal

The Hub

The Lively Home hub receives activity signals from the sensors, saving data from your at-home routines.

wireless signal

The Dashboard

The hub is synced wirelessly to the online dashboard and sends alerts if activities are missed such as meals or medications.

Measuring daily activity patterns.

Passive activity sensors measure your personal living patterns once attached to objects around the home like pill boxes, the refrigerator and front door, so your Care Circle will know if any abnormalities are detected.

Stay on schedule.

Attach a sensor to any pill box to keep track of when medication is taken.

Show regular eating patterns.

Attach a sensor to the refrigerator and other kitchen objects to infer when food is being prepared.

Customize to your daily routine.

Attach a sensor to a moveable object that is part of the daily routine in order to log more detail.

How to use the safety watch.

Once Lively Home service is activated, using it is as simple as enjoying all it has to offer.

Emergency Response

Press and hold the orange button to alert a trained professional who will phone back to get the help needed.

Day & Night

Large, crisp display with back lighting allows for easy viewing.


You can use the safety watch while showering or in the bath.

Push the button to get help.

When the emergency response button is pushed, a team of highly-trained operators will phone you before calling your emergency contacts—and if needed, dispatching emergency services.

Receive medication reminders.

Pill box activity sensors monitor medication activity and create alerts when something is missed. A reminder is displayed on the safety watch and your Care Circle can be notified if a dose is forgotten.

Having fun with step counting.

A pedometer keeps track of steps throughout the day and progress can be viewed directly on the watch. The in-home hub updates the information (when in range) every 15 minutes.

Easy to configure.

It’s automatic so the time never has to be set. Plus, settings can be easily configured remotely by someone in your Care Circle.

Turn on/off vibration

Choose the time display

Turn on/off reminders

Low-battery warning

Using Lively Home’s online dashboard.

Safety Watch
View watch status, including whether it’s being worn.

Care Circle
Carers and chosen family members can be provided access.

Daily Activity
Displays certain daily activity patterns and offers more detail when needed.

Set up notifications to be delivered by email.